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Alone in ministry

Ministry can, maybe should, be both challenging and rewarding. Ministers, pastors, leaders and their families are not exempt from aspects of everyday life which impact on their personal circumstances. It is not always appropriate or possible to seek support from a colleague or team member in some churches or denominations, especially for those who lead in the independent church sector.

Pastoral Harbours was founded through this experience. We are available to provide confidential and independent help for those in ministry who appear to be walking a lonely road and are looking for a safe place outside of their local church sphere. We may not have all the answers but we’re willing to listen and help you seek the One who is the answer – Jesus Christ, the One we serve.

Pastoral Harbours is a support for, not a replacement to, local church or ministry leadership. We are here for those who may feel overwhelmed in ministry; a place to confide, friends to help you seek God's will and to act as a signpost to further help or support.

Further resources:

Kintsugi Hope Meeting

Kintsugi Hope

Founded by Diane & Patrick Regan OBE, Kintsugi Hope has a vision for supportive wellbeing groups where people can gain a deeper understanding of God's love for them. Visit their events page in the link.

hawkshead hill church

The Upper Room

Hawksead Hill Baptist Church in Cumbria kindly offer the Upper Room as self catering accommodation, on a donation basis, for those who might benefit from a short break in a Christian environment.

Valerie Elyott speaking
Elyott Generation

Valerie Elyott of the Elyott Generation regularly holds 'gatherings' as a place to recharge, reconnect and realign. As well as other ministries, Valerie's gatherings are a place for time away with Jesus. 

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