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Bible Lessons

Knowing God

There's a big difference between knowing information about God and knowing God personally. Read Darren's Life File at Cross Rhythms.

Christian Booklet

Loving God

Everyone likes to be loved in a specific way. Some like flowers, others chocolates, others like hugs. What about God? What's His love language?

Lone Walk

Following God

To follow God means to follow the path He planned for your life. How do we do that? How do we know what we're called to? Read about Proverbs 3:5-6.

Messages and clips from Darren Roy's YouTube channel are rated and labelled with a traffic light system.
A selection can be found on this page or click to visit Darren's YouTube channel for more. 
Sermon Moments are short clips or excerpts for encouragement. 

 Green label suitable for all

These are general Christian messages encouraging the saints to develop a relationship with God and grow in His love. The content is more akin to drinking milk than eating meat and, even if we’re grown-up, it’s nice to have a glass of milk now and then.

 Amber label proceed and progress

These videos contain a mixture of exhortation and discipline. They’re not heavily laden with hard-sayings but you might find some convicting statements along the way. Nothing in these messages should be difficult for believers who are sincere about walking in the Way.

 Red label mature Christians

This content is more suitable for Christians who can handle conviction well and those who are prepared to be challenged in their beliefs. The motivation of these messages is love but may cause unintended offence. These messages are likely to be sin-challenging or succinct.

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Definition of Hineni
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