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Churches in Communities International (CiC) exists to create confidence in the independent church sector by providing accreditation, recognition and support for independent churches, chaplains, ministries and networks.

Darren Roy is a member of CiC International. If you would like to know more or you are interested in the benefits of CiC, click on the links below or contact Darren to arrange a meeting.
Church Meeting


Serving independent churches

CiC serves a wide range of independent churches, from new church plants to large established churches. Celebrating diversity, it's the vision of CiC to see a culturally relevant church within everyone's reach, worldwide.

Darren Roy Police Chaplain


Recognising independent chaplains

CiC is the only organisation that can provide independent ministers with chaplaincy posts in the British armed forces, prisons and hospitals. We offer nationally recognised accreditation for ministers from independent churches.

CiC Ministry Meeting


Supporting independent ministries

CiC is actively seeking to support new and emerging ministries that are equipped to deal with the needs of our changing world. CiC represents ministries at influential levels of government, media, academia and faith.

Church Network Meeting


Meeting practical needs of networks

CiC brings accreditation and support to entire church networks whilst not influencing individual vision, identity, decision making or strategy. CiC itself is one of the fastest growing Christian networks within the UK .

CiC Community Worker


Helping community workers

Whether working at a sports club, in a town centre or local school, CiC provides Community Workers with a national standard of validation for their work which helps to create trust in the specific community concerned.

Young Church Leader


CiC recognises that God is preparing tomorrow’s leaders today, and we want to play an active role in serving young adults who are taking courageous steps of faith by responding to God’s leading.

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