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Emmanuel School of Leadership & Ministry (ESOLM) provides a competence-based approach to ministry training which is based on the practical application of God's word in a student's daily life. 

Instead of a purely academic curriculum ESOLM places emphasis on entering 'God's School' and learning to consistently trust in Him. The concept can be likened to the secular method of vocational studies where a trainee doesn't only acquire knowledge but also the practical skills to function in their role. From a Biblical perspective we recognise that Jesus didn't just call those with a scholarly interest in Christianity. Yes, He called those who were masters in theology like Paul and Nicodemus but He also called fisherman and tax collectors like Matthew and Simon-Peter.
If the same is true today, we want to be flexible in our approach to give Christians of all backgrounds the opportunity to pursue their callings.

The programme is based around 2 distinct but connected tracks which present each candidate with the ability to balance acquired knowledge with applicable wisdom.

  • Knowledge Track: information, academic learning, dialogue, narrative.

  • Wisdom Track: competence, application of learning, growth, discipline.

The Knowledge Track is a programme of interactive and meditative study that introduces the student to Biblical truth through recognising the natural symmetry between story and theology.  The Wisdom Track aims to develop the practical application of Biblical truth and competence in the life and ministry of the student. This presents the opportunity for students to become 'doers of the word' (James 1:22) as they engage with God through obedience.

Due to the diversity of the callings of God some training elements are bespoke. The key outcome of training with ESOLM is that students are equipped for an exciting and fulfilling journey with God in life, leadership and ministry. Students who progress through ESOLM receive a certificate of training and many may receive ministerial accreditation within the Free Churches Group. Those that choose accreditation benefit from access to a vast network of ministries, chaplaincies and churches where they receive mutual support, peer accountability and recognition as Christian leaders. ESOLM is also able to draw on an extensive network of ministry associates to assist trainees in continuing with the right training based on their specific calling. There are academic options for progression through partners such as Hugh Osgood's School of Biblical Studies or The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education. Opportunities for Christian mission may be presented, especially for those called to that work.

ESOLM is open to Christians of all denominations and is currently non-residential. The content is of evangelical Christianity. There is a requirement to attend monthly training days in Cumbria. Assessment is based on each individual's calling, gifting and skills. To apply please complete the application at the back of the prospectus or contact us from the home page for more information.


Be prepared for an exciting journey in life, leadership and ministry!


Andrew from Scotland

" Everything is built on Jesus Christ, our first love. We had 12 sessions which opened my eyes and understanding. I was so thankful to be part of the course."


Zoe from England

" I enjoyed the course and discovered a creative part of me which I never knew I had. I have learned so much about myself and my personal journey with God."


Zoltan from Hungary

" They teach you how to rely on God, hear His voice, and be led by the Spirit. It's probably one of the best ministry schools you can attend. It is anointed! "

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