Emmanuel Christian Centre (ECC) is a church and charity in the North of England. As a member of the Evangelical Alliance and networked with Churches in Communities International, ECC is committed to the core values of 'love, community and honour'. Revd Darren Roy serves as the Senior Minister.

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Youth at Emmanuel Ulverston


Core Value

Our aim is to love God with all our heart, soul and mind (Mat. 22:37), and to love our neighbours as ourselves (Mat. 22:39). Our love for God is expressed through obedience (John 14:15) and our love for people is based upon His Word (Lev. 19:9-18).


Core Value

We are a community that meets at ECC (Rom. 16:5), being salt and light to the community around us (Mat. 5:13-16). We aim to be a family (Heb. 2:11) which grows together as the body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:27) and brings Jesus’ message to our town (Mat. 10:27).


Core Value

We seek to show honour in every aspect of our lives. This means to honour God above all (Rev. 5:13), to honour authority (Rom. 13:1), to honour our leaders (1 Tim. 5:17), to honour each other (Rom. 12:10), to honour financially (Pro. 3:9), and to be vessels of honour (2 Tim. 2).

Emmanuel Christian Centre is the charity and the building, the Church is the people!

The values, commission, aims and objectives of ECC are drawn from a number of sources which interact with each other. As a Christian charity, the purposes listed as the 'objectives' are primary goals and the various departments are assigned to achieve these. As a Christian church, ECC aims is to grow together as a family, giving each person an opportunity to develop a relationship with God.

From the founding of Emmanuel in 1986 the original vision statement is still something which is held to, and each individual is encouraged to demonstrate the latest core values. ECC is accredited by Churches in Communities International, recognised in the Free Churches Group and is a member of the Evangelical Alliance. Apostolic guidance and teaching input has also been provided to the Church by Servants of the Lord Ministries. 

The founding vision statement: 
To enable the saints at Emmanuel Christian Centre to hear and obey the voice of God, personally and individually, and for each person to be equipped and encouraged to move out in their personal ministry.