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Emergency Services Chaplaincy

Revd Darren Roy is a member of Police Chaplaincy UK and the Fire & Rescue Service Chaplains' Association, providing faith and wellbeing support to Cumbria Constabulary and Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (Furness).
He is accredited by Churches in Communities International. 

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Response Chaplain

As a chaplain to the emergency services and with experience in both prison service chaplaincy and emergency response, Darren provides support and resources for staff and service users.

Police Chaplaincy

Police Chaplaincy UK

Darren is a member of Police Chaplaincy UK; the national charity providing chaplaincy to police officers, police staff and their families to assist, maintain and promote wellbeing. 

Fire Chaplains UK


The Fire & Rescue Service Chaplains' Association (FRSCA) aims to promote chaplaincy to those working in or associated with the UK fire & rescue services - for all, without exception.  

Chaplaincy provides safe, independent, confidential support and understanding to all, whether or not they have a defined religious belief. Chaplains engage, support and comfort without prejudice

Through Police Chaplaincy UK, chaplains are committed to:

  • Supporting and encouraging officers, staff and their families confidentially and discreetly

  • Valuing each individual as a complete person in body, mind and spirit

  • Caring for and supporting the organisation and contributing in the decision-making process

These commitments are achieved by:

  • Visiting police stations and specialist units

  • Attending training sessions

  • Responding to major and critical incidents

  • Developing clear and strong links with operational policing

  • Being alongside people in the most challenging times of their life

  • Being a non-judgemental listening ear and a compassionate presence

For further information, help or support, or to learn more about the work of Police Chaplaincy UK and the Fire & Rescue Service Chaplains' Association, contact Revd Darren Roy.

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