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Darren Roy

Welcome to the ministry website of Darren Roy, aiming to serve the organisations he represents and promoting their objectives.
Darren's primary passion and calling is to promote the 'priceless privilege' described by Paul in Philippians 3:8 (AMPC).
He is the Senior Minister of www.emmanuelcc.org.uk and an assistant to Dr Keith Jenkins of www.solm.org 

Darren Roy at SOLM


My Sheep Hear My Voice

The message of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' by the late J.C. Hedgecock is for those who really desire to hear, know and follow Jesus. It's about making the most of your relationship with God!

Little Boy Standing Portrait

V17 Foundation

Kindness to the poorest

Inspired by Proverbs 19 v17 'Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord', Darren Roy serves the V17 Foundation board in supporting orphans & widows, and promoting education worldwide. 

Darren Roy school of ministry


School of Ministry

Equipping the saints to function in their God-given ministries through a competence-based approach to discipleship and ministry training.

Based on being 'doers of the Word'.

Church Support Group

Pastoral Harbours

A safe place for those in ministry

Providing confidential help for those in ministry. To be a safe-space to confide, to promote wellbeing and to offer support in seeking God's will for pastors, ministers, leaders and their families. 

Darren Roy preaching

Emmanuel CC

A church & charity in England

Revd Darren Roy is the Senior Minister at Emmanuel Christian Centre; an independent Church networked with CIC International and committed to the values of love, community and honour.






+44 (0)1229 586136



Revd Darren Roy

c/o Emmanuel Christian Centre

Mill Street, Ulverston,

LA12 7EB


Thanks for the message!

Please feel welcome to contact Darren to learn about any of the organisations he represents, or to invite him to speak at your church or ministry. There is also the possibility to conduct meetings using conferencing technology such as Zoom. He particularly looks forward to connecting with those who desire to truly know God and who want to grow in their relationship with Jesus.