Grateful for the help received from Ps JC Hedgecock and Dr Keith Jenkins, Darren Roy serves as a representative of Servants of the Lord Ministries.

He supports their commission to promote the realities of eternal life, which is the gift of knowing God personally. This includes living in God's presence, hearing His voice, and growing spiritually to be mature sons and daughters.

TO HEAR, KNOW & FOLLOW - John 10:27


The message of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' will teach you how to hear the voice of God and to be led by His Spirit. You can obtain the book and contact Darren Roy to learn more.


JC is the founder of Servants of the Lord Ministries and the author of the book 'My Sheep Hear My Voice'. From his base in Tulsa he has travelled extensively to reach those with a heart after God.


Motivated by love and with his uncompromising style, Keith travels with a message of repentance. In season or out of season, he lives 2 Timothy 4:2 for saints who want to grow.


The ministry has developed a range of resources, including the latest book series, 'Wake Up! Time is Running Out'. To obtain books and other helpful material for spiritual growth, please use the link.

The most important thing is the personal, individual study of God ourselves! Pure theology is not the study about God. It is the study of God through relationship.

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