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Grateful for the help received from the late J.C. Hedgecock, and using his resources, Darren Roy serves as a representative of Servants of the Lord Ministries; visiting 32 countries to teach the message of John 10:27 and 'My Sheep Hear My Voice'.



Darren supports the commission to promote the reality of eternal life, which is the gift of knowing God personally.

This includes living in God's presence, following His lead, and growing spiritually to be mature sons and daughters.

My Sheep Hear My Voice 2021 book

The Message

My Sheep Hear My Voice

The message of 'My Sheep Hear My Voice' is for those who really desire to hear, know and follow Jesus. It's about being led by the Spirit and making the most of a relationship with God!

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Pastor JC Hedgecock

Founder of SOLM

Joseph was the founder of Servants of the Lord Ministries and the author of the book 'My Sheep Hear My Voice'.  With a pastoral heart he travelled extensively to reach those wanting to know God.

Darren Roy and Keith Jenkins

Dr Keith Jenkins

President and Coordinator

Motivated by love, with his direct and uncompromising style, Keith travels with a message of repentance. In season or out of season, he lives 2 Timothy 4:2 for saints who want to grow.

JC-hedgecock My_Sheep_Hear_My_Voice book

My Sheep Hear My Voice

Hear, know and follow

This book provides detailed, understandable instructions on how you can hear the Lord and truly get to know Him.


How Love Grows

Develop love with God

This booklet provides practical details on how you can grow in God's love by simple obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. 


Wake Up! Series

Foundations for Spiritual Maturity

This series of books describes the steps to reach spiritual maturity, starting with a solid foundation of a relationship with God. 

Servants of the Lord resources


Visit SOLM for more materials

The ministry has developed a range of resources, including books, DVD's and audio, that will be helpful for spiritual growth.

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